Are you tired of people not understanding you?

Do you often have to repeat yourself?

Is your English holding you back from achieving your goals?



I am an American Accent and English Fluency Coach. I can help you streamline your path to success by identifying the main areas you need to focus on to improve your English - including how to fix them!

HOW...? Let's break it down...


All of the sounds of American English curated to your unique needs and challenges


Learn how to engage your tongue, jaw, lips, and vocal chords to make the correct sounds.


Learn how and which words you stress so that you can deliver your message with impact and be an engaging speaker.


Learn how to use common reductions that will help you sound more natural and understand native speakers better


When you stress certain words and reduce other words, it creates a distinct rhythm that is the American accent!

Connected Speech

Learn common linking patterns that will help you sound more fluid and help you understand native speakers better


Intonation is the musicality of the language and how the pitch changes as you speak. Learn popular intonation patterns and how to convey your attitude and feelings.


Learn the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) symbols to be able to better identify confusing sounds

Carlotta, Italy

You, Christine, help me every lesson to be more confident with this language and its grammar. You are a great teacher, always patient and understanding. You help me a lot to not be afraid and to always believe in myself and in my abilities. I love our conversations, always very spontaneous. I really appreciate your patience and your advice.

Sehee, Korea

I feel like I’ve made huge progress with Christine. Christine is one of few teachers who has knowledge in phonemes and intonation 😌 If you want a lesson with a teacher who really wants to help you grow, don’t hesitate to work with her! 谢谢你的帮助!十分推荐老师的课。

Anton, Russia

The best teacher ever!  I like Christine's flexible teaching approach. What I like most is that the lessons don't follow the standard boring pattern. Every time it's something new!

Wearn, Malaysia

Graphic Designer

Christine is thoughtful and understanding; she is a great teacher to practice English conversation. She shows great attention to the details (pronunciation, grammar, sentences). Thank you for creating positive and fun English conversation lessons.

Sevilia, Ukraine

I love the lessons with Christine. She is a great teacher! She is very supportive, punctual, and always prepared for the lesson. I like to learn English with her.

Gustavo, Brazil

Christine is awesome! Always friendly and attentive. Don’t think twice, and book a lesson! 🙂

Raphael, Brazil

I've been improving a lot talking to Christine, she makes the class flow naturally and also has a great teaching methodology.

Frequently Asked Questions

During our first session, we will discuss your goals and biggest challenges, and I will provide feedback on the main areas I think you need to focus on to improve your clarity and expression. Together, we will design a best course of action to improve your English.

I facilitate a relaxed learning environment, like we are two friends naturally speaking (while learning at the same time). Lessons consist of learning new content based on your learning plan, as well as reviewing past material to make sure it has been integrated. All homework material is provided.

Students should expect to spend at least 2 hours per week practicing outside of lesson time.

All new students may take a comprehensive ESL Placement Test to identify your personal strengths and weaknesses. The test will generate an English Gap Analysis and Language Level. Using the Gap Analysis, we will make a unique English Learning Plan for you.

I have an extensive library of professional English lessons that match your learning needs. We can cover pronunciation, accent reduction, speaking, reading, listening, grammar, idioms, slang, and much more!

Lessons will be conducted via Zoom. This is a free video-conferencing platform that is easy to use. You will need to create an account and download the application. 

If you are unable to use Zoom for some reason, Skype or Google Hangouts are also options.

Absolutely! Homework / practice in-between sessions is essential if you want to improve. This may include grammar exercises, writing assignments, listening, shadowing, and recording yourself.